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© 2018 by Andrew James Hargraves.

August 8, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I posted some shots from a lingerie studio shoot Lens Flare Lingerie and after some great comments some people wanted to know how I'd put together the shots. So I thought I share the processes that went in to creating the images in this post.

The basic idea and premise of this shoot was to create a sexy, sultry but classy lingerie shot, something seductive and provocative without being cheap and run of the mill lad's magazine shoots....

July 11, 2017

After purchasing some fantastic lens flare kits I was itching to use them somewhere. These are made by an amazing company creating Photoshop elements using actual lighting techniques, glass refraction's and distortions. You can then use them in Photoshop, layered up and with actions to give your photos a real dramatic flare. I have used them here on some of my photos from Millwood photography studio of Carolina Le Borg. I've used an anamorphic aspect ratio...

October 15, 2016

This was a good fun afternoon of collaborating with Julia Babiarz. After having a quick look on Pintrest for some inspiration we decided to try a wet hair look similar to one that model Cara Delevingne had sported in a recent Prada advertising campaign (see the left hand example)

 So we gave it a go.​ 

With the help of water spray bottle we gently added layer after layer of water to Julia's hair and took plenty of shots. I think we did a pretty...

September 3, 2016

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Before you ask, no, this lovely lady is not called Alice. I'd like to introduce Jenny Hancock who was one of the fantastic models of the Millwood Model and Photographer day. Billed as a portfolio builder it gives models and photographers a like to explore some new ideas and collaborate on photoshoots. After quickly exploring the grounds of an abandoned building...

September 2, 2016

There is something inherently cool about exploring old abandoned buildings. Decaying walls, crumbling brick and signs of it's previous life scattered all around you. This one used to be an old electricity station in Stayleybridge which is now left empty and abandoned. The perfect location then for a bit of fashion photography with the fantastic Zoe. 

I found out a small amount of history with regards to the site. The station was closed on 29 October 1979 and...

August 18, 2016


I once again teamed up with the fantastic Julia Babiarz here on this shoot. We were after some classic head shots and stylish girl next door style imagery inspired by summer boho chic. After picking Julia up from the train station we soon were looking over some inspiration on Pintrest. I'm fortunate enough to live in the countryside so we were able to take in several locations in the garden and on a local park. You can see the results of our day belo...

April 15, 2016

My recent trip back to Millwood photography studios last week involved a photoshoot with a Mercedes CLK convertable and a lovely model called Carolina Le Borg. Shooting inside a car which is within the walls of a studio is pretty restrictive in terms of content and shots. However it it was a really fun shoot in the end. Carolina was fantastic and I'm hoping to work with her again in the future.

January 12, 2016

 Vogue fashion magazine is chock full of studio styled shoots featuring just white backgrounds and a striking model. This was the inspiration for this shoot with Zoe. I wanted to create some cool images but more importantly practise some poses and looks with the view to create a pose collage. With nothing more than a chair and two lights we had little distractions to enable us to create some cool pictures. Zoe is brilliant with this sort of thing and needed...

August 12, 2015

 Its always fun working with new people especially on a project like this because you have to get on with them straight away as you will only be working with them for a few hours. Georgia as it turns out works as a part time a rapid responce paramedic and modelling was a sideline for her that she wanted to do more of. She was often modelled as FIT model for a friends clothing label in London or out in Ibiza. It's amazing what you can find out in such a shor...

July 8, 2015

Millwood studios is run by Jamie and Paul Booth and it could not have been a more fun experience to join one of their group shoots. With music playing, the atmosphere was very laid back and casual with everyone photographers and models chatting away. I've been back several times now and you'll see the results of these trips over the next few blog posts. The studios itself is set over 3500 sq feet within two floors, resurrected from the remnants of an old Vi...

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