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25 PNG Glass Overlays for Adobe Photoshop


These beautiful glass foreground layers can be used in many ways but work best with golden hour photography to enhance natural flares.


Enhance your photography with just a few clicks with these beautiful optically captured effects. You can now add these out of focus foreground elements in post production using these layers in Adobe Photoshop instead of worrying about it as you are shooting. You can now take your time during your edit to create the vision you always intended. These effects were captured optically using DSLR cameras and physical lighting set ups so that they blend seamlessly in to your original photos.


Included in the pack are 25 fully scalable 25 megapixel high resolution PNG files. The layers are smart object PNG files which means you can scale, rotate and apply as many adjustments to them in a none destructive way. The layers can be cropped, coloured and masked to achieve many different and unique looks, simply drag and drop in to Photoshop.


The best results are achieved by adding multiple layers together and overlaying them together and utilising the ‘Blend Modes’ options  to craft a specific look or style.

AFFINITY- Glass Overlays for Photoshop

  • 25 PNG Glass Overlays for Adobe Photoshop

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