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30 JPEG Metal stock textures for Adobe Photoshop. 


This Alloy Texture pack is a perfect expansion on the previous Metal Pack. Alloy is a collection of 30 more metal and rusting city textures, purposefully created for use on portraits, fashion and graphic design elements. The textures can add real dynamic interest to simple shots created in either a studio or on location. Also perfect to use as background images and elements for graphic design or slide shows. 


The pack comes with 30 textures that were captured optically in Cornwall, United Kingdom. These JPEGs are high resolution files and offers endless creativity in post production. 


The layers can be cropped, coloured and masked to achieve many different and unique looks, simply drag and drop in to Photoshop.


The best results are achieved by adding multiple layers together and overlaying them together and utilising the ‘Blend Modes’ options  to craft a specific look or style.

ALLOY - 30 JPEG Metal stock textures for Adobe Photoshop.

  • JPEG Images. 

  • Digital Download

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