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CREATIVE COLOUR BUNDLE - Matrix - Mercurial - Majestic


The colour collection brings together the three most colourful packs from the ANDREW JAMES preset packs. Ideal for the creative photographer looking to inject a little creative colour into your images.




The Mercurial collection features a set of five brand new presets designed to give your images that dark and moody aesthetic. This pack features dark dramatic tones with green tints to the shadows to create a series of presets that will really give your photographs some edge. This pack will transform your landscapes and fashion imagery with a dramatic creative style.  




This series of presets will transform your photos with one click, into classic vintage style photos. These presets work on two levels, the first being a slight desaturated look, favouring the pink and purple side of the spectrum. The second are the light leaks that emulate classic film burn or 35mm light leaks. These colourful edge details will really make your images stand out amongst the crowd. 




This unusual set of five presets aim to emulate the classic cross processed film look. Favouring yellow, green and blue tints to the highlights and shadows this pack will really make your images look unique. Cross processing was a process of intentionally treating the 35mm with the wrong or incorrect chemicals. This effect had a striking visual aesthetic and a really unique tone to it, often creating unpredictable colour shifts and an increased amount of contrast. The Matrix pack aims to colour grade your digital images in the same style. 


The presets are instantly ready for download directly after the payment is received.


What’s included in the download?

  • 15x lrtemplate files

  • 15x xmp files

  • 3x Installation instructions


Please keep in mind that the presets may look different on every photo. These differences may occur depending on the light or the colours in the picture. Your photos may require some minor adjustments after the preset is applied to fine tune the desired look. 


These presets are for Desktop applications of Adobe Lightroom and sadly can not be used on the mobile version on your phone.


We would recommend that you use these presets on RAW files where possible as this is what they were ideally designed for. However they will work just as well on JPEG files but might require some adjustments

COLOUR | 3 Pack Bundle - Matrix - Mercurial - Majestic

£38.97 Regular Price
£29.23Sale Price
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