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BLOGGER | 3 Pack Bundle - Minimal - Monochrome - Metropolitan


This bundle of presets brings together the three classic looks for any blogger. Colour grade your images with the minimal white, gritty dark urban and the undeniably timeless black and white looks.




Give your photos a cool urban twist with the Metropolitan pack. This collection of five presets features darker blacks and browns that work really well with city textures and backgrounds. This preset pack will help to accentuate the grungy nature of city streets and really give your photos that dark fashion edge to your portraiture. 




Ever wonder how certain instagram influencers get that clean white look to their photos. Well look no further. This pack for five presets are designed specifically to give your images that crispy clean minimal look. These work best where the original image contains a fair amount of white already in it. The Minimal preset pack will then enhance these features and produce a very clean and curated look to your photography.




These 5 presets create some beautiful monochromatic photos with a combination of faded blacks and whites to create variety in each one. By reducing the colour saturation you really focus on the subject at hand. Very popular with both photographers, instragram influencers and beauty bloggers these presets will certainly make an impression.


The presets are instantly ready for download directly after the payment is received.


What’s included in the download?

  • 15x lrtemplate files

  • 15x xmp files

  • 3x Installation instructions


Please keep in mind that the presets may look different on every photo. These differences may occur depending on the light or the colours in the picture. Your photos may require some minor adjustments after the preset is applied to fine tune the desired look. 


These presets are for Desktop applications of Adobe Lightroom and sadly can not be used on the mobile version on your phone.


We would recommend that you use these presets on RAW files where possible as this is what they were ideally designed for. However they will work just as well on JPEG files but might require some adjustments

BLOGGER | 3 Pack Bundle - Minimal - Monochrome - Metropolitan

£38.97 Regular Price
£29.23Sale Price
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