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TRAVEL | 2x Bundle Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom - Coast - Forest


The travel collection pulls together the two packs of presets that are ideally suited for holiday images, for one great price. These presets will transform your photos from ordinary vacation snaps to high quality instagram travel blogger style pieces of art.




This coastal pack was created to really enhance your travel and holiday pictures. No longer just happy snap memories, these presets will really elevate your images. The 5 presets offer a wide variety of options, but predominantly favour the tropical blue tones favoured by travel influencers and bloggers alike. With saturated blue tones to enhance the ocean waters and skies, this pack is ideal for the explorer in all of us. Some of the presets range from having a slight warm hue to them for the perfect holiday glow to the more avantgarde de-saturated styles. 




This pack is specifically produced to bring out the emerald greens of forest and jungles. With higher saturated greens and darker blacks this pack will really take your landscape photography to the next level.


The presets are instantly ready for download directly after the payment is received.


What’s included in the download?

  • 15x lrtemplate files

  • 15x xmp files

  • 3x Installation instructions


Please keep in mind that the presets may look different on every photo. These differences may occur depending on the light or the colours in the picture. Your photos may require some minor adjustments after the preset is applied to fine tune the desired look. 


These presets are for Desktop applications of Adobe Lightroom and sadly can not be used on the mobile version on your phone.


We would recommend that you use these presets on RAW files where possible as this is what they were ideally designed for. However they will work just as well on JPEG files but might require some adjustments

TRAVEL | 2x Bundle Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom - Coast - Forest

£25.98 Regular Price
£19.49Sale Price
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