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Learning To Embrace Change

October 3, 2017


There are times in our lives where we find ourselves at a personal crossroads and choices need to be made. The decisions we make in those moments can change lots of things, we just hope that we made the right ones. 


Likewise the choices that other people make when they are also at their own crossroads can have ramifications on your own journey bringing about change in rippling circles. 


Other times fate deals the cards and forces change upon you whether you like it or not.


Whatever happens in all of those moments, there are likely to be changes ahead. 


It turns out that September would be that month for me. Seismic and unpredictable, it will see changes on multiple fronts and the end of several things. Whether this be the end of an era at work, a fresh start, a clean break or a leap of faith in to the unknown with personal projects. It all has collided within the space of a few weeks.


It's left my head spinning at times and a little foggy but coming out the other side I'm more driven and focused because of it. What do you do with all of those mixed up feelings of change and uncertainty?


Well, I've chosen to channel it in to my photography and so we end up here with this image. 


''For when a new door opens we must never be afraid to conquer the mountain that awaits on the other side''


This is my visual representation of change and my first real foray in to the artistic world of the surrealist photography genre.


Change here is represented as a door between worlds opening up with the hands of time looking on and ticking away. The new world on the other side of the door may be scary and have vast mountain like challenges to overcome in the future. It takes courage to step across the barrier and accept this new situation but there is magic to be discovered on both sides, memories of the past and the unknown of the future. However in order to go to forward and on to new heights one must leave behind the comfort of the old world and embrace whatever is to come next. 


Change can be a daunting and worrying process. However on the face of it change is supposed to be good. It breathes fresh life in to something that might have become stale, provides rich opportunities and pushes us firmly out of our comfort zones.


Right now change is pushing me further. To multitask, to pick up the camera and to run with it. To re-discover my passion and drive. To appreciate more what I had in the past and to present a better version for the future. 


Change is also inspiring me. It's inspiring me to spend more time on my own portfolio and body of work. To develop this site and my blogs beyond just doing it when I feel like it. You will see more updates, shoots and work soon. 


Change may mix things up towards the end of this year but it will also bring me new opportunities to rise. 


 Learning to embrace change however is an art form.  



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