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A Hundred Hours in Hangzhou

Swapping our fully stocked studio in Manchester UK for a small unit in Hangzhou, China for 4 days on business was a humbling experience. Before flying home a colleague took me to West Lake situated in the heart of Hangzhou which is steeped in history and fantasy.

As the sun burnt off the morning mist the lake slowly revealed it’s true beauty. With a stunning backdrop of mountains on three sides, traditional wooden rowing boats appeared out of the mist as if by magic. Whilst hearing the Chinese folktale of the Legend of the White Snake (Chinese folk lore verson of Romeo & Juliet) and catching a glimpse of the Broken Bridge where the story takes place, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the mystical charm of the lake.

After a busy few days working, navigating airports and cities, exploring the peaceful lake by boat was an incredible experience. A true highlight of my trip.


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