Sunshine & Surf - Lucie Rose Donlan

Lucie Rose Donlan - Love Island 2019 - Surfer ANDREW JAMES

When looking for a model for a photoshoot down in Cornwall there is someone that appears time and time again in posters and advertisements. I’d seen her face all over the place from posters advertising for Vans shoes to clothing photos for Ann’s Cottage Surf shops in Falmouth and Newquay. With beautiful features and long blonde hair she oozes with the cool surfer vibe it’s easy to see why she is such high demand by local businesses and London Ad agencies alike. The person in question is the beautiful Lucie Rose Donlan. She now happens to be starring in ITV's Love Island 2019.

Photoshoot Info:

Models: Lucie Rose Donlan

Location: Crantock Beach, Newquay, Cornwall

Photographer: Andrew James

Camera: Nikon D7100 with a Nikon 24-70mm F2.8

Inspiration: Pinterest Board


Lucie is a talented model and natural born surfer based in Newquay just off Fistral Beach. Locally in the area she is known as the surfing barbie for her long blonde hair and her custom bright pink surfboard. Sponsored as a model by surf brand Protest Women she has a large collection of wetsuits, beach wear and lifestyle clothing that she brought to the shoot.

We met at Crantock beach in Newquay which had been Lucie's suggestion based on what I wanted to shoot. Although I had explored Cornwall during my stay, in reality I was only down for ten days and you can’t beat local knowledge of the area when it comes to be the best locations. Furthermore Lucie is famed for her surf lifestyle fashion photos and so she does this type of shoot every couple of weeks.

Crantock was the perfect suggestion with it’s large sections of sand dunes, wide sweeping arch of a beach and narrow channel inlet to the car park. It had a bit of everything I was after so we could do multiple setups and outfit changes within the daylight left. The only thing that nearly caught us out though was the swirling tide that cuts behind you off the mouth of the river and marooned us on a small section of beach with the high tide approaching. We beat a hasty retreat through the water to higher ground on the dunes.

Lucie Rose Donlan

Lucie is an absolute star when it comes to posing and this naturally happens when you work with a professional model. Well within her comfort zone with this style of photography almost every shot was fantastic with little or no direction from me which makes the shoot so much easier and flow much more naturally.

Lucie Rose Donlan

The day was possibly the most un-glamorous day for a beachwear photoshoot you could have. With grey clouds circling it appeared as if it might rain at any moment. The grey skies and dull light certainly makes it moody but hardly screams lush beach fashion shoot. However with a bit of clever editing here and there I have been able to bring back some of the colour and tone to the images to at least attempt to give it a look of the RipCurl style advertisements.

Lucie Rose Donlan

Lucie Rose Donlan

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