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Preview: Battle Cry

I'm super excited to share a couple of images from my brand new collection 'Battle Cry'. Following on from last years Salt Water Sirens, Battle Cry is something that I hope will up the ante, having huge scope and epic cinematic value. I spent 4 days in the stunning Welsh landscapes, battling freezing temperatures with a fantastic group of people to bring these images to life. We had two stunning models, swords, armour, lighting and horses from a local riding stables so this was such a big shoot. I wont be releasing everything for a while but when I do there will be the finished images as a full collection, behind the scenes stories and photos and some edit breakdowns.

Photoshoot Info:

Models: Amelia Mary & Ivory Flame

Location: Media City UK, Manchester

Photographer: Andrew James

Camera: Nikon D7100 with a Sigma Art 35mm f1.4

Inspiration: Pinterest Board


Battle Cry will be a slightly different collection and will aim to weave a narrative through the photos. This will be an epic tale of love, betrayal and revenge concluding in a final battle between the two central characters. Inspired by Game of Thrones and the legendary tales of King Arthur, Battle Cry will be something really special and like nothing I've ever done before.

I really hope you all enjoy a quick teaser of what's to come and I'm so excited to even share a little bit of all of this.

"Oh the hero comes, I can hear the drums And our horses run to the kingdom come Through the pale moonlight, our hearts ignite to the call."

"Oh, claim your prize, to the crown of stars In the name of love, be the sacrifice You and I will stand and fight, our backs to the wall."


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