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How to find models

Finding models for your photoshoots can be a hard task if you are new to the game. Here are my top tips for finding people to star in your next photoshoot.

1. Friends

Perhaps the easiest way of finding potential models is to use your friends. If you have any friends who aren’t that camera shy they will be the best source of models for you to test out photoshoot ideas. In the age of the selfie and instagram there will undoubtedly be someone you know that will be willing to help.

2. Talent websites

There are many talent websites that are set up specifically for creative people. Not only can you host your own portfolio profile of images but you can read and respond to casting calls and create your own. These talent websites are great to link up with models, hair and makeup artist’s photographers and studio events. I’ve listed some of the options I use below but there are plenty of other alternatives.

  • Model Mayhem

  • Purestorm

  • Purpleport

3. Instagram

Instagram is a good rich source for finding models in the technological and visual age. People who want to models will often post photos of themselves in order to gain attention within the industry and get themselves discovered. Existing models will likewise to the same. You can use the hashtags to search in your area for potential clients. Instagram is also full of fashion bloggers who will need a constant stream of images of themselves for their blogs and social media channels. If they use location hashtags you will be able to find who is in your area quite easily. Instagram also has a messaging service which makes it easier to link up with potential collaborators.

4. Facebook groups

In this modern age social media is the king of communication and it works exactly the same for finding models. There are groups set up within Facebook to help photographers and models to collaborate and work together. Most areas of the country have one of these groups so it is well worth researching. Most of them will be closed groups so you may have to contact an admin to gain access to the forum and in some cases prove your worth as a photographer. This often more about security and safety of the people within the groups but sending over a link to your professional website will often suffice most administrators.

5. Agencies

This is by far and away the most professional way of finding models however it does come with a price tag. You can browse models portfolios to find the exact look you desire or the correct experience range you need for the shoot.


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