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Alice in Wonderland: Storytelling in Stills

Before you ask, no, this lovely lady is not called Alice. I'd like to introduce Jenny Hancock who was one of the fantastic models of the Millwood Model and Photographer day. Billed as a portfolio builder it gives models and photographers a like to explore some new ideas and collaborate on photoshoots. After quickly exploring the grounds of an abandoned building that would make up one of the locations we could shoot in, we got down to brainstorming some ideas. Once Jenny revealed she had brought a blue dress with her we discussed trying our own contemporary version of Alice in Wonderland.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

In our version of the tale Alice escapes the derelict landscape of her everyday world by travelling through the large hole in the wall which is our 'rabbit hole'. When she emerges out the otherside, she steps in to an idyllic world of flowers and warmth which represents our version of wonderland.

Jenny was brilliant for a model only just starting her career. Playfully up for a laugh and brave considering the abandoned buildings floor was strewn with broken glass. We had to pick our way carefully through the debris but the final pictures were worth it. I hope you enjoy the pictures we took, our interpretation is only the start of Alice's adventures in wonderland so who know's what will come next.


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