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Copy of Lightwaves & Laughter

Inspired by the works of photographer Brandon Woelfel I decided I wanted to try a night time portrait session using just natural light and props such as fairy lights to light the subjects. If you don't know of Brandon's his work, check out his website immediately, his portfolio is incredible.

He usually shoots at blue hour the hour of daylight left after sunset and uses props to great affect, smoke bombs, fairy lights and sparklers. All of his photos lean heavily on a vivid colour pallet and for the most part saturated teals and oranges. Could I have a go at shooting in his style?

Photoshoot Info:

Models: Leanne Thompson and Liana Morris

Location: Media City UK, Manchester

Photographer: Andrew James

Camera: Nikon D7100 with a Sigma Art 35mm f1.4

Inspiration: Pinterest Board


Well to start with I'd need some volunteer models for the evening and after a quick shout out on Faecbook I had a a few people come forward. Now I've not caught up with either Leanne and Liana for years after working with both of them in the TV industry so it was so great to take some time to catch up with them and also take some photographs. To their credit it was cold and tipping it down with rain throughout the hour that we chose to do the shoot.

The backdrop of the shoot would be at Media City and that week there was a art display called Lightwaves and although we didn't really shoot at any of the installations on display we shot in and around them. Lightwaves is the UK's largest outdoor digital art show, comprising of many exhibitions where technology meets art located at Media City UK. The 10 day event features art work and activities from many renowned artists.

With my camera bag filled with props like battery powered fairy lights, glow sticks and prisms we set off round Media City to find some areas to shoot.

Shortly after we wrapped we went and got a drink in the Dockyard Tepee with it's own fireplace in the centre of the Media City Plaza. It was great to catch up with both of them and a fantastic way to warm up.

A massive thank you must go out to Leanne and Liana for making this such a fun shoot to do. Even in the cold and the rain they were giggling away it and it has to be the most fun I've had doing a shoot for a long time.


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