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Garage Fashion

Another visit to one of Millwood studio group social evenings provided yet again another set of brilliant portfolio images for me. This time round we had a couple of motorbikes lined up to take photographs of brought over by several local bike enthusiasts. These machines are amazing and often lovingly restored and custom built by their owners. On hand to provide us with some glamour was model Becky Louise Derwent.

Photoshoot Info:

Models: Becky Louise Derwent

Location: Millwood Photography Studios, Staleybridge

Photographer: Andrew James

Camera: Nikon D7100 with a Sigma Art 35mm F1.4

Inspiration: Pinterest


Looking like an extra from the movie 'Grease' Becky wore a variety of different outfits on the night that were really great. I liked the tartan skirt as it lifted the photos with a splash of colour pop but the black leathers really set the correct tone of the shoot.

I've added some lens flairs to these in post to try and give the effect that light shafts are streaming in to an old garage. I've also de-saturated the walls and the floor to give it a more industrial, grungy and grimy look like an oil stained garage rather than a highly polished photography studio.

My final photoshopped concept image takes some of the studio images that I shot in the studio and composites them on to a night time road. I wanted the image to feel like it was set on the city streets and leans heavily on the colder blue and teal tones and hues. I've added some lens flair and light leaks to try and merge the front and back plates together more naturally, adding a bright highlight for the headlamp of the bike.


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