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Mr & Mrs Sutton

Photographing someone's wedding is still an exhilarating experience for me no matter how many I have under my belt. As a photographer there is a huge sense of excitement, a healthy dose of nerves and a hint of pressure to create something beautiful for those whom you are photographing. I never want to be the wedding photographer who is set in their ways and repeats the same shots over and over. That's just not me. On the inside I'm a creative and I believe that weddings should be unique and personal with regards to the photography.

The pressure is no greater than when you know or are good friends with the either the bride or groom. However there is also another level of nerves when the groom is TV camera assistant for a popular TV soap opera who certainly knows his own way round a camera or two. I've know Alex for several years now where we worked together in TV and we've remained good friends. It was certainly an honour to be asked to shoot his wedding to Katie.

The wedding day itself revealed some great moments, a stunning VW campervan as the wedding vehicle, a bouncy castle and summer fate games. Here are some highlights from the day.

Many congratulations to Mr and Mrs Sutton, I hope you have many happy years ahead of you.


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