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REVIEW: GoPro Hero 3

The worlds most versatile camera just got a whole lot better with the new updated GoPro Apps for smart phones and tablets. By connecting your smart phone to the Hero3 over a wireless connection gives you full control of cameras functions.

The best function is by far the live preview so you can see exactly what the camera is capturing. This isn't the most in depth review you'll find on the web and I wont go in to detail about the camera features only the app itself. This is normally a very difficult thing to gauge as the GoPro cameras are too small to fit a digital screen to display the output so you are reduced to just guessing if the position/framing is correct for your shot. GoPro do manufacture a LCD backpack screen optional extra to tune of approx £80 if you wish to have a screen attached, however the new app does away with that necessity.

Another feature of the app is that you can control the camera remotely making changes to the settings now couldn't be easier. Every option is available from adjusting the frame rate, checking battery life or stop start recording. This is so much easier on a large touch screen phone than messing around with the buttons on the front of the camera.You can instantly review whatever you have just captured in the instant playback option so browsing your footage is nice and simple away from a computer. The app now gives you the option to copy or download content directly to your smart phone for instant sharing online. If you can't wait to show the world what you are up to it's very easy to download a GoPro snap shot to your phone and upload to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for example.

Aesthetically the app itself is simple, slick and easy to use just like everything made by the GoPro company. It comes with website enabled Photo/Video of the day features too or go to the online shop which are all standard features of apps these days.

I've experimented abit with the features on the app and I'm very happy with how it all works. The remote features and live preview are by far my favourite and will be so useful when rigging the camera to a kayak, climbing helmet or cars as you can check the shot straight away. There is around a 1 to 2 second time delay with the live preview because of the wireless connection from camera to phone but this really doesn't matter in the slightest.


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