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The Lara Jade Lecture

They say you should never meet your heroes but perhaps that depends on who your heroes are. Maybe it says something about me but I don’t really idolise celebrities or people in the mainstream media but I admire and enjoy following several successful photographers. Lara Jade being one of them.

Lara Jade is a British fashion photographer who started her business at the age of 15 and now at the age of 26 worked between New York and London shooting high end fashion for magazines such as Vogue and Tattler. Her journey from humble beginnings on Deviant Art and Flickr to high end fashion photographer is a fascinating story. She now creates waves in the industry with her fun style and is a highly sought after educator. I’ve followed her work for many years but not only that I own her book fashion photography 101 and several of her online photography courses.

Lara was speaking on the Canon stage at The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham and I got the opportunity to sit in the audience for her lecture. The 40 minute lecture was the inspiring stories behind some of her biggest shoots showing you the behind the scenes reality of some of her most glamorous fashion photography. The underlying theme of self belief, confidence and how Lara works within the industry was truly inspiring.

Lara Jade is just as lovely and driven in person as she appears in her videos. Natural and bubbly I really enjoyed sitting in the audience and gleaning information from a top flight photographer on the top of her game.

After the lecture I got the opportunity to wander around The Photography show. Located at the NEC in Birmingham The Photography Show is one of the biggest photography exhibitions in the UK that offers visitors the chance to try out the highest equipment from leading brands. There are also a full variety of lectures, workshops, technology demonstrations that any photographer can enjoy.

I’d highly recommend visiting if you are interested in photography but take the time to enjoy some of the workshops and lectures by the selection of the professional photographers to get the most out of the experience.


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